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On Monday, 1/5/18, Mary Lou and I got on Highway 1 at 9:00am right after picking up, from our Seaside McDonald's, a sausage burrito, for me, and '2' hash browns for the two of us. Then we headed to Modesto,  via Highway 1 to 156, then to 152, over Pacheco Pass, through Los Banos then to 59, then to 99 to Modesto.

We went about '156' miles until we saw a Denny's, which we thought was in Modesto, but actually in Ceres. We had a great breakfast. We shared a combination caramel banana pancakes, eggs, bacon and hash browns. Mary Lou had the pancakes and I had the rest.

After breakfast we stopped at Heritage Ford, (click Ford). Then we went to the County offices on 11th street.


From there we went to Modesto Kohl's and took a picture, (click Kohl's). We checked into the Hampton Inn, (click Hampton Inn), actually in Salida, at about 2:30 and chilled out for about an hour. Then we went to a two-story shopping mall called Vintage Faire. We took a nice walk through the mall and I got a corn dog and shared a lemonade at Hot Dog on a Stick.

We were going to go to a Black Bear Diner, but, after snacking at the mall, we realized that we were not that hungry so we headed back to the Hampton Inn. Mary Lou pointed that next door to Hampton Inn was a restaurant called Perko's Cafe Grill where Mary Lou and I had a great dinner. Mary Lou had a salad and a baked potato and I had, what they called, a ranch steak, baked potato and '4' shrimp. Everything was great. When done we went to the hotel and went to bed.

We woke up at about 6:30 and started getting ourselves together and went down to Hampton Inn's complimentary breakfast around 8:00. I had a couple of sausage patties that were actually very good. Mary Lou had some mixed chunks of fruit and a muffin. I had a delicious muffin and a couple of cups of terrific orange juice and Mary Lou had tea.

We were on the road by 9:00 heading to Sonora, the County Seat for Tuolumne County. We took 99 north then 120 east to 108 and no sooner then I can tie my shoes we were in the small City of Sonora where I took a picture of the Bank of America, (click Bank of America). We also took a couple of pictures of the court house.


​Then we headed out of town towards Mariposa, County Seat for Mariposa County via old Highway 99. The first 15 miles wasn't too bad, but, the next 30 miles was the worse I have done in a very long time. Not only was it very winding and steep there was a little rain and pockets of thick fog that just about drove me crazy.

We finally got to Mariposa around 1:00.  We went directly to the Court House and took a couple of pictures.


​They didn't have a McDonald's so we settled on a Burger King and picked up a medium order of fries and onion rings and started our journey home, via 140 to 99 north to 59 south west to 152 west. We stopped at Black Bear Diner, (click Black Bear Diner), for diner in Los Banos. Mary Lou had pancakes and I had the senior chicken fried steak and French fries. Everything was good and delicious.

When done we got back on 152 west heading home to Seaside. We had been doing fine going over the Pacheco Pass and onto 156 that would take us to 101. We had just passed the intersection of highway 25 when we got a flat tire. We pulled over onto a small dirt road where there just happened to be a California Highway Patrol Officer, who was dealing with another vehicle situation. We got a hold of AAA and with a little assistance from the Officer, we were able to tell the AAA operator where we were. A tow truck arrived within 30 minutes. The fun part was trying to figure out how to lower the spare tire from underneath out Toyota Sienna van. The truck driver got the spare down and changed the tire and we were soon on our way home. We got home by 6:00.



Call: (831) 236-5994