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Potential Sponsors

While my wife and I can afford to complete our venture, we are hoping to entice some sponsors to come on board to help take a dent out of some of our personal funds. The above are 10 potential sponsors that I am working on.

Mary Lou and I have put our trips on hold for a while. I have just built a television station in Seaside, California and it needs around the clock attention. Hopefully we will get back on track somewhere in the next 6 months.

Well it's been '8' days since Mary Lou and I went on Trip #8.
See (TRIP #8 - 3 Counties)


Here we go with Trip #8. We will be heading out on Friday morning, November 9th. We will be heading north, from our home in Seaside, California, towards Eureka. If all works out we will be visiting 11 Northern California Counties ending in Redding by Saturday evening. Stay tuned.


Sorry, but, Mary Lou and I are cancelling Trip #8 for a couple of weeks. I have started coming down with some kind of cold. I don't get them too often, but, when I do I feel like a real wuss. Let's hope that we can come up with a new date by next week.

Finally, we have planned our Trip #8. We will be heading out on Friday, October 26th. We will be heading north towards Eureka. If all works out, we should be visiting 11 Northern California Counties.

I know what you're thinking. "What have you guys been doing?" Well we have been doing some preparations for Mary Lou's retirement, which happened yesterday. I need to do a lot of photo updating over the next week or so. We have a couple of events to attend to over the next few weeks. If all works out we will be back on track and continuing our trips by early October. Hang in there. Thank you.

7/12/18     (TRIP #7 - 5 COUNTIES)

6/30/18     (UPDATE)

Well, Mary Lou and I have been real busy during the month of June. Mary Lou has been busy filling out forms for her retirement, hopefully by the end of July, 2018. We also spent last weekend up at Roseville helping to straighten up my sister Carole's garage.

We plan to do Trip #7 during the month of July. I think we will be going to Marin and Sonoma Counties and maybe another or two.

5/15/18        (TRIP #6 - 5 COUNTIES)

4/23/18     (TRIP #5 - 2 COUNTIES)


It has been a little over a month since I added to my Blog. Mary Lou and I have been busy, but, we're ready to continue our journey. Tomorrow morning, Sunday 4/22/18, we are heading to Santa Clara County, San Mateo County and San Francisco County. Our plan is to visit those '3' Northern California Counties and then meet my Son Christopher and his beautiful wife Nikki at Westlake Joe's in Daly City at 1:00 PM. Westlake Joe's was an old stomping ground from my days of living in San Francisco and eventually Daly City. On our way home I am going to drop Mary Lou off in Las Altos at an old friend of Mary Lou's. I may go to IKEA for a bit. I will do our trip update by Monday.

3/18/18     (


Mary Lou has suggested heading down Highway 101 instead of Highway 5. So, that's what we will do on Saturday, March 17th. It is about 5 miles longer, but, the trip should be nicer.

Here we go again for Central California Trip #5. On this trip Mary Lou and I will be going to the City of Hanford, the County Seat of Kings County and to the City of Visalia, the County Seat of Tulare.

We will be leaving our home in Seaside on Saturday morning, 3/17/18, at around 7:30 and head up and over Pacheco Pass, via Highway 152, to Highway 5. We will head south on '5' to '198', then head east to Hanford. We should arrive around Noon. We will take our photos of the County offices, then we will head  to Visalia, only about 25 miles away. We will check into the Visalia Hampton Inn.

2/25/18     (

Well it's been awhile since I have added to my Blog. The reason for the delay is that I am just getting over having pneumonia for the last couple of weeks. Mary Lou and I will be planning our next trip, maybe for this weekend to Hollister, County Seat of San Benito County, and Salinas, County Seat for Monterey County.

With no rush we got up around 7:30, slowly got dressed, then we went down to breakfast. Mary Lou had oatmeal, with a bunch of stuff she threw into it, and I had a couple of muffins and we both had some apple juice. I didn't want to eat too much because I knew we would be stopping at McDonald's in Los Banos. We had the same thing we had yesterday morning. We arrived home in Seaside a little before noon. Stay tuned for our next Trip #3 in February.

1/27/18     (

I am doing all those thing that need to be done for leaving tomorrow morning at 7:00. I will check back hopefully tomorrow night.


We are '2' days away from heading out on Trip #2. I went ahead and made a reservation at the Merced Hampton Inn for Saturday night. We will be leaving Saturday morning at 7:00 on our way to Fresno where we will meet some good friends, Gary and Juliana Cocola at a Denny's in Fresno. We all love Denny's. Gary is the owner of over 30 TV stations in the Fresno area. He also owns the local Monterey and Santa Cruz MeTV.

It has been 11 days since my last Blog posting. Remember, Mary Lou and I still have our week day work schedule obligations. Here are our plans for Trip Number '2'.

We our planning to leave Seaside, Saturday morning, 1/27/18 at 7:00 to visit '3' Central California Counties, Fresno, Madera and Merced, and in that order.

We are trying to decide if this will be a 1 or 2 day trip. We will let you know soon, so check back next week. My daughter Lisa has instructed me to take more pictures.

I just finished completing my blog for 1/5/18 and 1/6/18. I probably need to add some more pictures.

1/5/18     (TRIP #1 - 3 COUNTIES)
On our mark - get set - let's go! Tomorrow morning Mary Lou and I will be heading out to start our first trip to our first '3' Counties, as mentioned on 12/15/17. I am looking forward to our breakfast at Denny's and light lunch at McDonald's and dinner at Black Bear Diner, all in Modesto. Somewhere in between we will stop and take a couple of pictures at the County Seat. I better get to sleep, we plan to leave very early.

We have changed our start date to Friday, January 5th, 2018. We will first go to Modesto, in Stanislaus County. We will stay overnight at the Hampton Inn in Salida which is close to Modesto. Then we will get up early and head out to Sonora in Toulomne County. After a couple of hours in Sonora we will head to Mariposa, in Mariposa County. The plan is for us to be home in Seaside by around 8:00 PM, Saturday.


You have probably noticed the 8 commercial logos such as, McDonald's, Bank of America, Denny's, Embassy Suites, Panda Express and Kohl's located on this page and the Home Page. These logos are displayed here as a  courtesy teaser to hopefully convince these businesses to come on board and help support this venture.

This week I received a call and email from Erin who works at the Seaside  Bank of America. She's offering

to help connect me to the proper people who may be able to help me with this task. Wish me luck!


We haven't started our trips yet, but, last night I had the honor to be at the Grand Opening of the newly remodeled Embassy Suites in Seaside, California. Wow, what a great job they did. My wife, Mary Lou, and I walked around throughout the whole first floor and were very impressed. We met Kimberly from Atrium Hospitality. I learned a few things about the ownership of the building from Kimberly, but, I'm still confused. Mary Lou told me later that I was probably confused because Kimberly was  very pretty. 


We have set our official start date of our All Around California journeys and journals for Friday, January, 5th, 2018. My wife and I will start off visiting all 10 Counties of Central California. This will not be an overnight venture. We still have our regular weekday jobs for the time being. We will  probably use 2 weekends in the month of January to hopefully cover a few of these 10 Central California Counties.

Well, it's been over a year since I added any content to Jim's Blog, but, thanks to my Daughter Lisa and my wife Mary Lou for giving me the inspiration to carry on.

With Lisa's help we are moving forward with not only Jim's Blog, but, our 'All Around' websites. Mary Lou and I are going to start our travels throughout California. Our plans are to start out with Central California. The immediate plan is to visit all '10' Central California Counties.


Two days ago I started mapping different zones in California to help plan our various trips in California for the purpose of visiting all 58 County Seats in our beautiful state. Join us in our adventure.

START DATE: 3/26/16
Hi, my name is Jim Vossen and today, 3/26/16, I have started writing my first "Blog", what ever that is. My wife, Mary Lou, and I are planning, over the next year or two, to visit all 58 Counties in California. If the two us didn't have regular jobs we

could probably do it a lot quicker than a year. It is our plan to document this venture with pictures, video and printed words on this Blog. 

All Around California.

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