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There are many, many reasons why I love KOHL'S:
Here are a few of my favorite reasons.

1. Easy to find. They're all over California.
2. They gave me a KOHL'S Credit Card.

3. They have the kind of clothes I like to wear.
4. They have a variety of other things that get my attention.
5. Their prices are pretty good and they give me bonus savings.
6. There are other reasons, but, read below for my main reason.

Besides the reasons above, they carry a couple of my
favorite brands, Van Heusen and Croft & Barrow.

Quite often when I go to check out at one of the
cashiers, for some reason, the total turns out to be
less then what I had thought the total should be. 

KOHL'S is also one of  Mary Lou's favorite places too!

Stay tuned for our visits to KOHL'S throughout California.

Why my wife & I love Kohl's