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SUNDAY, JULY 15th, 2018 (TRIP #7)

Mary Lou and I left yesterday morning, Saturday, at 6:45 to head towards San Francisco. We arrived the San Francisco City Hall, which also houses the San Francisco Board of Supervisors at about 8:45. We took a couple of pictures and then headed across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Rafael, County Seat of Marin County.


We arrived at the Marin County Seat in San Rafael around 10:00. We were going to take some pictures, but, it looked like the building was going through some serious remodeling so we decided to search and grab some pictures off the internet.


We were a little early to meet my life long buddy George at the Black Bear Diner, across the street from the County offices at 11;00, so we took a little walk in a shopping center where there was a Macy's. For some reason while I was waiting for Mary Lou, who was in Macy's looking at earrings, I sat down on one of those massage chairs. When Mary Lou came out I had her insert a dollar for a 3 minute massage. At first it started out nice, but, that didn't last very long. All of a sudden it felt like someone was punching me in my back without any boxing gloves on. And if that wasn't bad enough something, which I can't exactly describe, started attacking my bottom like no buddy's business.

We met George at the Black Bear Diner and while Mary Lou had a salad George and I had the Senior chicken fried steak. Lunch for me was delicious and visiting with George super nice. Mary Lou and I left for Santa Rosa around 12:30 and arrived at the Hampton Inn a little before 2:00.

‚Äč    MARIN COUNTY CIVIC CENTER                                     MARIN COUNTY CIVIC CENTER

We had quite a surprise when we tried to register at the Santa Rosa Hampton Inn when the desk clerk couldn't find our reservation. It turned out that rather than having a reservation at the Santa Rosa Hampton Inn our reservation was actually at the Hampton Inn in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. At first it was kind of funny enough to laugh at, but, then to find out that there was no vacancies at the Hampton Inn where we were at. It wasn't so funny then. We made a decision to cancel our trip to Clear Lake County scheduled for Sunday morning. We went ahead to take a couple of pictures of the Sonoma County Seat Offices in Santa Rosa.

              SONOMA COUNTY CIVIC CENTER                                      SONOMA COUNTY CIVIC CENTER

After that we headed to the City of Napa, County Seat of Napa County. We arrived in Napa by 3:30. We took our pictures and tried to find a place to stay, but, no luck.

                                    NAPA COUNTY CIVIC CENTER

We decided to head on home via Highway 680. As we entered Contra Costa  County at  Martinez I got  on my  cell phone to find a place to stay overnight. We decided to stay at a Holiday Inn Express in Walnut Creek. After our complimentary breakfast we left to go home.  



Call: (831) 236-5994



Call: (831) 236-5994