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Why I love Panda Express


There are many, many reasons why I love Panda Express:
Here are a few of my favorite reasons.

1. Like McDonald's, they're all over the place.

2. The workers behind the counter are very friendly.
Especially Crystal at the Seaside restaurant.

3.  They're food is also very fresh and delicious.

4. I love the Panda. Who doesn't love the Panda?

5. Free samples - Can't go wrong with that.

6. Best 'Fortune Cookies' I've every had.

I have been to many  Chinese restaurants in my life. There
have been some good ones, not so good ones and a few
great ones. While Panda Express is not what one would
call a traditional Chinese restaurant, where as soon as
you sit down a server brings you a little 'tea  pot'  and

little cups and their menu may be a lot more extensive,
they are concistantly  good and delicious to me.

There is a Panda Express within a couple of blocks of where 

I live and quite often, because my wife and I live a busy life, 

we will stop by and pick up some Panda Express food  to take  

home. Mary Lou is a vegetarian, so quite often we will get an
order of Vegetable Chow Mien, maybe some Mixed Vegetables
and a couple of Veggie Egg Rolls, while for me, I will pick out
something like Mushroom Chicken, Walnut Shrimp, Orange
Chicken and maybe a  Chicken Egg Roll and of course a box
of Fortune Cookies. I do not enjoy spicy food, but, luckily
Panda Express has plenty of choices for me. I am looking
forward to our travels throughout California and we will
probably be dining 'in' at a few Panda Express Restaurants.

Stay tuned for our visits to Panda Express throughout California.