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Why I love McDonald's


There are many, many reasons why I love McDonald's:
Here are a few of my favorite reasons.

1. They're easy to find, they're everywhere.

2. I love their Golden Arches, brilliant idea.

3. Who doesn't like their French Fries like I do.

4. Quarter Pounder with Cheese cravings.

5. Breakfast Burrito & Hash Browns starts my day.

6. Their Milkshakes are pretty good too.

Maybe because I seem to like eating on the road when driving,
I love McDonald's because they have food that's makes it easier.
I am not always driving. Almost every other morning on my
way to the Chamber of Commerce office in Seaside, California

I will stop by at either the Seaside or Sand City McDonald's
where I will get either the Breakfast Burrito and Hash Browns
or their Sausage McMuffin and Hash Browns, or their Cheese
Omelet McMuffin and Hash Browns. Sometimes, not too
often, I will get '2' orders of Hash Browns.

It took me a while, but, I think that I have finally figured out
how to work that new fancy soda dispenser. Maybe that is why
I prefer the Drive-Up window. Let them deal with the machine.

McDonald's has this drink deal where any size is just $1.00.
It's a great deal even though I never get the large sizes.

No, McDonald's is not a fancy restaurant, but, what it is, is
a place where one can go for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
and be assured  that the food will be good and reasonably
priced in a pleasant environment with those Golden Arches.

Stay tuned for my visits to McDonald's throughout California.